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A short story collection by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
(1994, TSR Fantasy)

Dragonlance Sequels, book 2

An introduction to the adventures of the children of Caramon and Tika, Tanis, Kitiria, and possibly Raistlin.


-- 2nd reading (paperback)
June 13th to 30th, 2021


My second time reading this book, and I was still thoroughly impressed. Of the stories in this book, the first one was the slowest and the most intriguing. It's slow because it starts with Tanis and Caramon, but gets more interesting as we learn about Sturm's son, and the Knights of Takhisis. Their role in what comes next is essential, and it the seeds of their loyalty are shown here. Everything in this book leads forward, as a transition, to The Dragons of Summer Flame. We get the exile of Tanis and his family, and the rise of his son, who is so weak that it's self-destructive to the elves. The story of Caramon and Tika's sons was embarrassing to read, especially with the way the women were falling all over themselves for them. It's a story that should be left back in the backwards '80s, where I'm pretty sure even this wasn't really acceptable, but tolerated. I really liked the story of Raistlin's child, which was unfortunately butchered in the follow-up novel. A good transition for a great series.


-- First reading (paperback)
July 26th to August 1st, 1998


Great setup to what I think will be a great conclusion to the chronicles.  The scheming and plotting are killing me!  I want to know what's happening!  I had read the story of Palin's journey to meet his uncle before, as well as his and his brothers' adventures with the dwarf to find the jewel, and Raislin's child.  But the new ones with Tanis' son, and the Knights of Takhisis, were great.  An honorable set of evil knights could prove to be a great foe.  We'll have to see how the world ends up after the final book.


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