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If I have piqued interest in some of these books, they can be bought on-line at Amazon.


Star Wars

The official site is always a good place to start!

The other Star Wars news site is TheForce.net, which also has reviews of all the books, and an exhaustive timeline.


Star Trek

My favorite Star Trek reviewer is Jammer's Star Trek Hypertext, which includes all Trek shows, some Star Wars, and others.



After going to a movie, I check out information about actors, directors, and other tidbits about the movie at the IMDB!  

Catch in-depth details about this weekend's top moneymakers at Box Office Mojo, and daily DVD news and future releases at TheDigitalBits.

 Follow rumor and fact regarding the Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies at The One Ring.net. There is a lot of cast information here.



Space station, space shuttle, historical information, Mars colonization, and more! It's easy to find information about everything space at the official NASA site.

News about spaceflight missions can also be found at SpaceflightNow.



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