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A novel by Bill McCay
(1998, Penguin Books)

Stargate Sequels, book 4

Political turmoil and then armored cats with weapons threaten the colonization of a new homeworld for the Abydan refugees.


-- First reading (paperback)
August 8th to 12th, 1999


I enjoyed this book the way I would enjoy a no-brainer action movie.  It was a lot of fun, with a few little twists along the way.  But there was really no substance to it.  I'm not sure what the political struggle at the beginning was for, unless it's setup for the next book.  Because it's essentially dropped when the real enemies appear -the big cats.  It looks like this is setting up for a new trilogy of books, holding onto the barest threads from the previous books.  I was wondering if the author was going to lead in to the TV show world.  But so much has happened that I don't think it's possible.  I hope he doesn't abandon the series, though, because of SG-1.


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