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A novela by Jennifer Fallon
(2011, Harper Collins)

The young sister of the inept and perverted Prince of Hythria is sold into marriage, but others conspire to have her bring an heir into the realm, as she learns the hard way that she can only trust herself.


+ -- First reading (ebook)
April 2nd, 2018


The concept was interesting, but the repetitiveness, without sufficient rewording, was annoying. The tongue-in-cheek ending, though, left me laughing. As a side note, I find the cover artwork to be incredibly beautiful.

Spoiler review:

I haven’t read this author’s other works, otherwise I would have recognized the fact that she was joining them all up for a common intersection. But this book is set in the realm of The Hythrun Chronicles, which I enjoyed. So while it’s nice to see these characters again, it’s also frustrating, because the book isn’t about them. It’s about appeasing the author’s fans and giving them something to chew on while they wait for a sequel that may never happen.

Adrina, the unlikely princess of Hythrun, is nine months pregnant, and restless, while Damin sits around and looks over reports. We don’t get a sense of the state of the world, which leaves the possibilities open for future stories, of course. While the scenes in their apartment are necessarily repetitive, I think the author could have done a better job in changing some of the wording, or at least changing it sooner. In the first three instances of the repeated day, the repetition goes on for several paragraphs. At least in the Star Trek Next Generation episode Cause and Effect, there were differences in screen angles and minor differences right from the start. This story is the same, but with a little too much repetition.

The prisoner comes from another world (probably one of the author’s other series). He’s come through the breach in the veil to find the answer, because he thinks magic from this world can heal it. He can’t die in this world, for some reason, as Adrina proves by stabbing him. At the breach, they encounter Star Lords (another of the author’s series), and Brak, who is probably in the underworld, showing how far the breach extends. Adrina spirals through the veil to different scenarios (and even meets the Demon Child in one of them). Each time, the moment where they encounter the crashed helicopter, and the closing of the veil (where the same day starts again) is shorter. It’s funny how Adrina is able to confound the men (Damin and Tarja) by pre-empting what they are about to say, but this only happens after a few more repetitions.

Finally, Adrina meets a Leprechaun, who tells her the Creator has lost interest in them, concentrating instead on newer worlds/stories. By this, Adrina figures out he means actual stories, where the Creator has created the narratives. The funny part is that two of the characters have a discussion about whether the Creator is male or female. The Creator is generally held to be a male figure, but the author is female, and of course is the Creator of Hythrun, the Star Lords world, and the third world encountered here. The magic word that Adrina has to call out into the veil is “sequel”. I can only hope there will be an sequel series to the Hythrun Chronicles, or the even better Wolfblade trilogy.


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