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Warren Dunn Saturday 07/08/06 2:28:22pm
Below is the guestbook from my days at, and from Due to a recent increase in the amount of spam I have been getting in this guestbook, and given how infrequently it is signed, anyway, I have removed it altogether. If you want to contact me, feel free to do so directly at the email address at the bottom of the main page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nira Tuesday 06/06/2006 11:49:14am
wow, this site is still the bomb! I always come back for more!

Warren Dunn Tuesday 11/23/2004 12:04:46am
Hi Nira: I have a friend who read the Ender novels, but I haven't gotten around to reading them. I have a list of books I'd like to read that is as long as my arm, not including all the new Star Wars books and comics! And I just don't have the time that I used to, with a fresh new PhD and a little baby. I take seriously any suggestions on books that people recommend to me. As for the Star Wars Timeline, it is simply a text file imported into html, so one unrecognized character can ruin the whole thing. I try to fix it as soon as I see any problems, but any alerts definitely help me! Thanks for visiting. Warren

Nira Monday 11/22/2004 10:44:48pm
Have you read any of Orson Scott Card's other works? Namely, Ender's Game and it's two lines of sequels. I'd be interested in your take on them.

Nira Monday 05/03/2004 1:43:54pm
Warren, what happened to the Next Generation section of the StarWars Timeline? It's not showing up. Any particular reason?

Barry Connors Tuesday 07/15/2003 7:57:07am
This is an amazing site Warren. My mind swirls at the image of the number of hours you had to put in to create and maintain this site. You must read ultra fast. I will visit often you can count on it.
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Nira Friday 05/02/2003 4:32:19pm
Keep up the good work, Warren! I subsist on your reviews until I'm able to get the books. Out of curiosity, just when do you find the time to type all those reviews? *boggled look*

brett laplante Sunday 08/18/2002 8:44:54am

  Sunday 02/03/2002 12:48:42am
Hey great site here. Love the reviews.

I've been working on my new site since December 2001, and it has plenty of new NJO content. Check it


Maryland, USA

Jim and Carol Monday 12/24/2001 11:18:19pm
New and improved! Good job!

Nira Antilles Saturday 12/22/2001 1:29:59pm
Greetings and happy Holidays to all! Boy am I relieved to see your site Warren! If any other StarWars fan site holder sees this, would you have the kindness to post your new site address on this board? Particularly if you're the creator of the other Ossus Jedi Library, Gavin Darklighter's holocron, or the Star Wars Saga. I've lost half my contacts in this darned shifting of powers! Why StarWars ever shut down the pages is an ilogical mystery to me, but I'm glad to see that there are some survivors! Keep it up Warren!

Jim Warbanks Friday 12/07/2001 8:32:40am
See that 32 people beat me here!

Warren Dunn Saturday 12/01/2001 3:48:29pm
I thought I would start this new guestbook off. Welcome to the new Ossus Library at Tripod. To those new to this site, welcome. To those who followed me from, thanks for coming! I hope you enjoy the site.

Librarian Warren Monday, 8/20/01, 6:45 AM
Thanks again to Nira Antilles and cynzar for your kind praise! And cynzar is a repeat visitor! I think I have found a layout that I like for now, and plan to stick with it for a while. I hope you like it... It's visitors like you that keep my counter going up and up and up... Thanks again!
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Nira Antilles Saturday, 8/18/01, 11:55 AM
Greetings, Jedi librarian Warren. I commend you on the excellent job you have done with this Library. I can greatly appreciate your timeline, having gone through the frustration of trying to place all of the Star Wars books in their proper chronological order myself. Your timeline is one of the most comprehensive and orderly that I have come across recently, with the exception of Gavin Darklighter's Holocron. The praise of the Star Wars Homing Beacon was definitely not misplaced. It is places like this that make the universe what it is. The force is with you!
From: The other end of nowhere...

cynzar Thursday, 8/16/01, 8:06 AM
hi! looks like i was here almost a year ago! =) well your site looks as great as ever.
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Jedi Soljah Wednesday, 7/4/01, 5:57 PM
Just wanted to invited everyone to visit my new Fan site.
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Reba Skywalker Thursday, 6/21/01, 7:59 PM
Hey there I like the sight come and visit mine! Sign the guest book
From: Coruscant
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eXodus Monday, 3/19/01, 8:21 AM
What's up...just surfed in off another SW site that had a link to yours and figured that I would take the time to sign your guestbook. Hope that whoever is reading this will also take the time to visit my site as well and maybe even sign in to post a few things on the messageboards. I would love to have your company as I would like to see the site grow to be one of the best I basically need YOUR help. Thanks! eXodus
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Yoda Thursday, 2/8/01, 11:44 AM
Cool the Ossus library is.
From: Dagobah
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SOLJAH Tuesday, 1/2/01, 11:22 PM
Web Site: SOLJAH stuff

GERT vŐRNO Wednesday, 11/1/00, 2:00 AM

W.T.Whittaker II Thursday, 10/5/00, 12:16 PM
From: Florida

Rebecca Blanco Wednesday, 10/4/00, 9:09 AM
I love your web site. I'm a Star Wars Fan since 1977. I recently began to read all the Star Wars novels I can get my hands on. They're addictive. Your timeline and reviews are great.
From: Puerto Rico

monique Monday, 9/25/00, 9:57 PM
lots of info , i found some reviews a little negative as i thoroughly enjoy ever star wars book i read, i found it hard to relate to some of your comments.
From: australia

Ched Mickles Monday, 9/25/00, 7:56 AM
From: Tennessee

jet ryder Sunday, 9/24/00, 11:25 AM
cool thought technique, may the force be wit ya'll
From: anacortes , washington

Jeff Studebaker Sunday, 9/24/00, 3:23 AM
From: Brookville, OH

brenda corrine Saturday, 9/23/00, 10:16 PM
i'm extremely impressed with your website and i am very glad i discovered it 9/23/00, and am sorry i didn't know about it sooner. the library is wonderful and thank you for the timeline of books. i am an avid star wars reader and i lover everything to do with star wars, as does my son, william. again, thank you for thinking of this site and PLEASE continue to keep us up to date with the latest information on movies, books, and comics. most sincerely, brenda
From: louisville, ky

Shaun Saturday, 9/23/00, 7:38 PM
I love the Star Wars book reviews. Sometimes harsh, but very accurate and well informative!
From: Oakdale, TN
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This is Warren here... Saturday, 9/23/00, 5:01 PM
Ok, family, what can I say... They think I'm famous now, being in one issue of the Homing Beacon. And now that they've discovered my guestbook... I guess that wasn't TOO embarrassing. Anyway, I love to get the signatures. Enjoy the rest of the site.

M(:-)M Saturday, 9/23/00, 1:41 PM
Wow! This is great! Sure is a long way from the 7 year old playing space games in the basement with your friends.....I'm allowed to embarrass you right?
From: Pierrefonds

sandy dunn Saturday, 9/23/00, 12:36 PM
this is my BIG brother's website... PLEASE SEND MORE STAR TREK TAPES!!! congratulations on being famous!
From: montreal
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Jim and Carol Saturday, 9/23/00, 12:26 PM
Congrats; You'll have to start charging for advertising soon!
From: Guess
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OLAN TEAGUE Saturday, 9/23/00, 9:38 AM

Ryan Saturday, 9/23/00, 12:41 AM
Cool site!!! I like the whole idea of the "Ossus Library"! Have fun Wedge (Ryan)
From: Australia

Lisbeth Hansen Saturday, 9/23/00, 12:35 AM
This is great! Keep up the good work!
From: Norway

Robert Sancho Friday, 9/22/00, 8:38 PM
Well since I'm a good friend of the author of this website, it's my duty to sign this book. As usual your work is excellent! Cheers! Rob
From: Quebec

Kiern'an Friday, 9/22/00, 4:47 PM
Looking to meet fellow Star Wars fans in the Cleveland area.
From: Cleveland, Ohio

Cynzar Friday, 9/22/00, 1:39 PM
AWESOME SITE! This rocks my face off! Well, my brother is chewing on me so I gotta go. Bye.
From: a place that is somewhere unless it is nowhere in which case it would not be a place at all
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tinkertoy2000 Friday, 9/22/00, 1:27 PM
Outstanding site; glad I found it, will visit often, recommend to others !!!!!!!!!!
From: md

InViSiBiLiTy Friday, 9/22/00, 1:27 PM
Hey! Great Page!!
From: Canada

Joshua Lemke Friday, 9/22/00, 1:27 PM
From: Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Joseph Broad Friday, 9/22/00, 9:05 AM
From: England

Amangi Friday, 9/22/00, 9:00 AM
Was I really only the first? Again, it looks great!
From: Coronet, Corellia
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Amangi Friday, 9/22/00, 8:59 AM
Look's great!
From: Coronet, Corellia
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