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Directed by Carl Schultz (1999, Lucasfilm)
Starring Sean Patrick Flannery and Ronny Coutteure (guest cast)

At the end of the war, Indy discovers a treasure map, and follows it with Remmy, trying to find a large diamond.




February 1st, 2000 on Video  

Indy goes on a treasure hunt, only to discover that he doesn’t need the treasure.  That’s a pretty good summary of this episode.  Only it takes too long for Indy to make this realization. 

The episode begins just a few minutes before the armistice begins.  We see and hear the guns roaring.  Then a whistle blows, and the fighting stops.  A very strange feeling, I’m sure.  Then, as if in disbelief, people start cheering. 

But from the boot of a dying man comes a map, and from his mouth, a message to find the peacock’s eye.  Remy keeps the map, and gets it translated.  Then he and Indy go to Alexandria, India and Java in search of the diamond that was once an eye to the peacock statue.  On the way, of course, they are shot at by a man who is also searching for the diamond.  They come across a woman who is very forward, but who seems very innocent.  As usual, she’s not.

The first half of the episode was a lot of fun, from the search, to discovering the hidden box, which nobody can open –which should give a clue right there.  It is too obvious a clue that the episode suffers for it.  Losing the box to the other treasure hunter was fun, too, right up to Remmy dressing in woman’s clothing to get onto the cruise ship to follow him, and to the pirate attack.  I had the singer pegged as a pirate right from the start.  I also figured the girl would end up with the diamond in the end.  There, I was wrong.  But she did prove to be more surprising than I expected. 

The episode goes downhill after the pirate attack.  Chasing the pirates through endless waters was endlessly boring.  Then the pirates are killed by headhunters, and Indy and Remmy are left floating along endlessly again.  It seems they traveled into the Pacific in that little rowboat.

Ending up on another island with rivaling clans of natives should have been exciting, but it wasn’t.  I think we were supposed to feel like Indy, not knowing anything about their language or culture.  Having it explained later was not satisfying.

It is among the tribes that they meet an anthropologist, Bronislaw Malinowski, studying them.  He helps them get the box open, and, surprise: there is a stone in the place of the diamond, with more instructions.  When Remmy gets mad and frustrated, Indy talks with Malinowski, and discovers that he doesn’t need the diamond.  He frustrates Remmy again by telling him to go on searching for the diamond alone.  The island was peaceful, but also not interesting enough to tell a decent story.

And so a freighter comes along delivering supplies, and picks up the two lost treasure hunters.  Indy is going home, to begin studying for his dream, of being an archeologist.


  Guest Cast: Tom Courtenay as Bronislaw Malinowski  

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