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Directed by Joe Johnston and Carl Schultz (1999, Lucasfilm)
Starring Sean Patrick Flannery and Ronny Coutteure (guest cast)

Indy and his girlfriend solve a crime committed in Thomas Edison's lab, then Indy goes to Mexico to participate in the revolution.



2 stars+

July 3rd, 2009 on DVD, for the 3rd time  

A very slow episode of Young Indiana Jones, especially after seeing some much better ones starring the younger young Indy. The episodes seemed twice as long as they actually were. Still, there was some interesting information here, and of course it becomes more official as Poncho Villa was mentioned in the Crystal Skull movie. The Mexican part was originally aired along with the Egypt part in My First Adventure, where it makes a lot more sense. We don't need a long explanation, in that case. But having to dig back through memory to realize what Indy was talking about is a bad way to tell a story, especially when the series never really established itself.



2 stars

December 10th, 1999 on Video for the 2nd time  

This was a lackluster episode of Young Indy.  I remember seeing the two parts when they first aired, and enjoying them.  Maybe there was nothing better out there.  But it seems that the show improved so much as it was produced, and everybody got the hang of everything, that watching the first episodes has turned them into dull shows. 

They were still entertaining, but they lost a lot, especially when compared to the Jazz and Blues episode I saw last. 

Indy desperately wants to drive his girlfriend's (Nancy) dad's car to the prom.  He will be one of only two or three people to be driving there.  But the compressor has broken.  His family has a friend who works at Thomas Edison laboratories, and he says that he can have one of the guys look at it.  While at Edison labs, there is a kidnapping and a theft.  The Jones' friend has been kidnapped, along with his plans for some defense submarines and an electric car battery. 

Nancy (whose father writes the Bobsie Twins books) figures out where they have gone, and they follow the trail from warehouse to warehouse, to the coast.  Finally, they figure out that it was the oil companies that wanted to get rid of the car battery concept.  They used the submarine details as a diversion.  So they steal the plans back, and return them to Edison labs, where it seems the kidnapping was not quite as real as it seemed. 

The performances were okay, and the insight into Edison's lab was neat.  But somehow, the story seemed to be missing something.  I can't identify what that was. 

Now the second part didn't seem to fit with the first part.  The cut was very poor, and the acting in the first ten minutes was quite poor.  Indy's cousin couldn't act, and I was glad when he disappeared soon into the plot.  The explanation for the Egyptian Jackal was way too short.  There was barely time to figure out why Indy would go risk his life to steal it back when he discovered it. 

Poncho Villa was neat, as was Indy's realization that he didn't belong in this revolution, that it wasn't his to fight in.  I loved the part where Indy ends up translating the movie and the newsreel for the Mexicans.  That's what I love about these shows. 

I think we are supposed to see that Indy is searching for meaning in his life, but with dialog like "maybe the war in Europe is mine to fight, instead of this one," it is in desperate need of a rewrite.


  Guest Cast: Lee Lively as Edward Stratemeyer
Mike Moroff as Francisco "Pancho" Villa
Richard K. Olsen as Thomas Edison
Peter Marinker as General John J. Pershing
Stuart Milligan as General George S. Patton

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