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Directed by Ben Burtt (1999, Lucasfilm)
Starring Sean Patrick Flannery and Ronny Coutteure (guest cast)

Indy takes aerial photos of German targets for the French intelligence, and tries to get a Dutch aircraft designer to defect.




January 9th, 2000 on Video  

This episode was a lot of fun.  It was full of Indiana Jones missteps, along with danger, dinner with the enemy, and, of course, an effort by Indy that could save the world!

We start off with Indy and Remmy in the Belgian intelligence service.  However, they are unsatisfied, because they don't get to actually do anything.  So Indy forges documents to get them into the French intelligence.  As usual, the scheme backfires- sort of, anyway.  The officer knows that the documents are forged, but accepts them anyway, probably knowing that they are being wasted in Belgium.  But Indy and Remmy are split up.  Remmy gets to pose as a restaurant owner, while Indy gets sent off to a volunteer American flying regiment, that will take reconnaissance photos of German military buildup. 

On his first mission, Indy gets shot down by the Red Baron, with whom he gets to have dinner.  It is Indy's idea that the Baron paint his plane red!  He is then sent off to prison (again), but escapes along the way, thanks to an aerial raid by his American squadron. 

He arrives at the same time as a note from the Red Baron challenging a famous French pilot, Charles, who has aspirations of flying across the Atlantic.  I couldn't help but wonder if this guy changes his name to become Lindbergh after the war.

The duel proceeds, and Indy gets photos of the Baron being shot down.  The Baron is not pleased by this, and desperately tries to shoot down the photographer in the next few engagements.

But Indy's temporary assignment with the fliers ends before the Baron can get another shot at him. 

The first part of the episode was neat, though it gave just a taste of the action.  There were some natural jibes from the pilots, of course, because Indy wasn't one of them.  He was just the photographer, a person who lasts about 6 days before being captured or killed.  It was just enough to give him a taste of the action.  And, of course, he still doesn't know how to land a plane!

In the second part, Charles flies Indy into Germany, where he tries to make contact with a Dutch aircraft designer, and try to get him to defect to France.  This part was even more fun, as Indy has to be dumped out of an airplane with the latest design of a parachute.  Of course, he misses his contact, so he has to catch a train for the German secret design bureau.  He poses first as a waiter, then as a lover to a strange, but attractive, woman, then as a baggage boy. 

He finally makes contact, but the Dutchman doesn't think the money is worth it, plus, he'd have to start his laboratories from scratch.  But while there, Indy learns about a new German invention, and makes a camera from some tools he gathers up.  He steals a uniform, and tags along with the Germans to see the new invention, a triplane, which will be landing at the Zeppelin warehouse.  The warehouse, of course, is filled with hydrogen fuel for the zeppelin, and you just know that Indy is going to put that to his full advantage, whether he knows it or not! 

While taking pictures, Indy is clumsy, and allows himself to be seen by a specially invited guest, the Red Baron himself!  A firefight ensues, and the hydrogen factory, along with the new triplane, goes up in smoke. 

This adventure was more like a James Bond episode, down to the gadgets in his shoes and suitcase, and the maps drawn into the lining of his pockets.  The secrecy part had me laughing hard, as the intelligence officers in room 13B told him never to reveal his name, but to go as Lieutenant D, then he is ushered into room 13A, where they welcome him as Lieutenant Defence, then into a secret door into room 13C, where he is told more about his mission. 

That, and the mishaps that take place in the mission itself, make this episode well worth watching.  It is pure Indiana Jones, down to young Indy's total naivete.


  Guest Cast: Marc Warren as The Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen
Craig Kelly as Anthony Fokker

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