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A novel by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta (1997, Boulevard Books)
Book 1 of Young Jedi Knights: Fall of the Diversity Alliance
24 years after Star Wars: A New Hope

The young Jedi investigate the disappearance of Raynar's father, and a group named the Diversity Alliance.



3 stars

Read March 15th to 16th, 1999  
    I'll have to wait for the whole series to pass judgment, but this seems like a decent opening.  I have to keep in mind that these books are meant for young readers.  However, I do think too much responsibility and ingenuity is present in these "special" pre-teens.  Never having been let out alone in a spaceship before, they suddenly are off in an adventure.  I also object to the further humiliation of Boba Fett, who is outsmarted and outgunned by a first-time kid hunter (Zek, the Darkest Knight from the previous series, and Jaina's perpetual love interest).

The formation of a group like the Diversity Alliance seems like a logical progression.  The alien species in the galaxy were put to great pain by humans in the Empire's years, and have had their politics dominated by humans ever since.  That's just because there are more humans around.  Humans have colonized so many different planets, that there are actually species within the human race, such as Corellians, Hapans, ...  Aliens must feel threatened all the time by humans.  However, I am getting tired of constant "big threats" to the New Republic.  How about some small threats, like in I, Jedi, and the early Rogue Squadron comics?

The main mystery in the first book is the disappearance of Raynar's father, Bornan Thul.  He is wanted by a Twilek called Nola Tarkona, for unknown purposes.  She has hired Boba Fett and many other bounty hunters to search for him. 

Meanwhile, the Jedi are rebuilding the Great Temple, following the attack by the Shadow Academy.  Zek has returned from the Dark Side, and is kind of afraid to use the Force now.  He gets the ship Lightning Rod from his old mentor, and goes out to try and do some good in the Galaxy.  He goes to his home planet, which is perpetually undergoing devastation.  But people evacuate for a short time, then return to the surface, to rebuild their cities.  He helps in such an evacuation, but can't figure these people out.  He has to leave, frustrated.

Tenel Ka receives a ship of her own, because her grandmother is afraid for her life after not being able to escape during the last raid.  Jaina and Lowie pilot it (along with Jacen, of course) to the remains of Alderaan, where they look for a piece of the core to give to their mother as a birthday gift.  After they find one, they are attacked by Fett.  He plans to use them as bait for their father, so he can gain information about his quarry. 

But Zek blasts him out of the sky, forcing him to withdraw.  As Fett is distracted, Em Teedee slices through Fett's computers, and discovers his bounty contract on Thul. 

The book ends with a question mark.  Why is Thul wanted, and what is the Diversity Alliance?  Zek decides he wants to be a bounty hunter, and will attempt to answer these questions.


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