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A graphic novel by Michael A. Stackpole and John Nadeau (1999, Dark Horse Comics)
Book 6 of X-Wing: Rogue Squadron
4.5 years after Star Wars: A New Hope

Rogue Squadron takes over another Imperial-held planet, gaining a special new recruit, as Isard plots to gain control of the Empire.



2 stars

Read on December 5th, 1999  
    This story was fairly disjointed.  It took more than half the graphic novel to get into the story, which is in itself a bad sign.  I have to give the authors credit for some of the dialogue, though.  It wasn't clear in the way it tried to move the plot forward, but the banter was great.  It is exactly what I would expect from such a close knit group. 

  The other thing to talk about is the art.  I didn't like this art.  The style seemed to detract from the story, and it was too bright, with not enough shades to it.  The depth of field was gone.  It looked more like an old Marvel comic, not a recent Dark Horse issue.

  The story revolves around Commander Isard trying to manipulate things in the Empire to her gain.  I know a little about Isard from reading the back of the book Isard's Revenge, part of the X-Wing series, and from what I learned about Baron Fel in Vision of the Future

  Isard wants control of the Empire.  She has maneuvered an inept Governor to that planet, and moved an elite fighting squadron there to prove a tempting target for the rebels.  They must think it is important.  But Isard knows that many of her enemies will be discredited if the planet is lost to the Rebels.  So she makes sure it is lost.

  The action takes up most of the book.  There are three strikes against the planet, and each one take the Rebels closer toward domination on that planet. 

  I finally have a time frame for the Rogue Squadron comics.  Six months have passed since the battle of Endor.  It doesn't seem long enough for what has happened in the last five issues. 

  At least they recognize the loss in the last issue, of a main character.  It's nice to see that this series is evolving, and that even some of the main characters may pass away.  Of course, to keep continuity, we need to keep at least Wedge and Tycho alive. 

  This story also introduces Baron Fel, who only shows up two thirds of the way through.  So far, he seems honorable, and we see his gardening ability, and the respect and fear he generates in Rogue Squadron.  But that's it.  I believe the next installment focuses almost exclusively on this character, though. 

  All in all, it seems to be a competent way to depict the takeover of a planet.  After all, the Rebel Alliance has to retake the Imperial planets one by one.  But there was not enough here to hold my interest until Fel showed up.


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