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A novel by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta (1997, Boulavard Books)
Book 3 of Young Jedi Knights: Fall of the Diversity Alliance
24 years after Star Wars: A New Hope

Lowie follows his old friend into the Diversity Alliance headquarters, Zek and the young Jedi find Raynar's uncle, and clue to his father's disappearance.



2 stars

Read March 23th to 27th, 1999  
    A little better than the last book, but still a bit sloppy, and it didn't do much for me.  The characters don't seem to have the depth that they should, especially after six books.  But the adventures are still pretty fun.

  I liked the part on the droid manufacturing center of Mechis III best.  There, the young Jedi find Raynar's uncle, and IG-88, who was under his control the whole time.  It was his plan to draw his brother out by staging his own kidnapping.  He tells the story of IG-88's transfer into the core of the second Death Star, which I kind of enjoyed, which we learned about in the Tales of the Bounty Hunters. 

  Finally, Em-Teedee gets an upgrade, and can move on his own, and speak more languages.  But Lowie isn't around to appreciate the upgrades, because he has followed his friend Rabba to Kashyyk, where they co-opt his sister Sirra, and then went off to Ryloth, the headquarters of the Diversity Alliance.  There, he is uncomfortable, but he should realize what is going on right away, when he meets Nola Tarkona in person, and she says outright that humans are the enemy.  Even without Jedi senses, he should know by that.  This escapade is totally out of character for him. 

  Meanwhile, Zek is out bounty hunting.  He accepts a new bounty from a disguised person, who he figures out is Bornan Thul, the most wanted man in the galaxy.  He sends a message for the man to his wife, then goes looking for his brother.  On the way, he runs into Dengar, whom he outwits and outfights, similar to the way he outfought Boba Fett in the first book.  Humiliating, at the least. 

  Unsure about what to do about Bornan Thul, he seeks help from Boba Fett, who still talks too much, but offers him some very sound advice. 

  Zek heads for Mechis III to look for Raynar's uncle, and is followed by Dengar.  Of course, he finds the young Jedi there, and Dengar starts shooting up the factories.  Once again, Zek is able to defeat the bounty hunter, with the help of Tenel Ka's ship. 

  So all in all, while Boba Fett was done better, Dengar was brought down, Lowie was out of character, Zek was fairly well done, and the rest of the young Jedi were neither interesting nor dull.  The series seems to have drifted away from them, really, and focused on their friends.


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