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A short story collection edited by Kevin J. Anderson (1995, Bantam)
Book 1 of the Star Wars Tales
During the events of Star Wars: A New Hope

Short stories about the aliens seen in the cantina during Star Wars.



3 stars

Read September 19th to 26th, 1996  
    I enjoyed these stories, even though I'm not a fan of short stories.  The authors each took responsibility for one character that we see in the Cantina in Star Wars and develop a story around them.  Some of the stories were known already, through the Role Playing Sourcebooks.  When I had read the Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook, I had been intrigued, but some of the stories seemed far fetched.  Now these authors elaborated on those stories.  Others were brand new, as far as I know. 

  Some were good stories, others were not-so-good.  Some illuminated characters, others seemed to clash with my set ideas.  I loved the way almost every story referenced at least a couple of other stories in the anthology.  I don't know whose idea that was, but it was a pretty good one. 

  One thing I didn't think worked all that well was the number of "innocent" characters there appear to be in the cantina.  Most are non-lethal, just there because they're down on their luck, or for a drink.  But Ben Kenobi said we'll never see a more dangerous place.  Some, like Jerrick (the pipe smoker at the bar) are very dangerous.  Others, like Muftak and Kabe, are thiefs.  Even the Tonnika sisters were not the real Tonnika sisters!  I thought their story must be more interesting than the one about the imposters.  Ah, well...


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