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A comic by Doug Petrie, Andy Owens, and Annie Parkhouse (2001, Dark Horse Comics)
Republic comics #27
30 years before Star Wars: A New Hope

A newly-knighted Jedi crashes on a planet being terrorized by an invading tyrant.



2+ stars

Read on August 19th, 2007 for the second time  
    As this was such a short tale, it didn't give me much of an impression at all. Everything I said below, in my first review, still stands. There wasn't enough explanation of anything, and I don't see the point of it. It did have a bit of a "fun" element, but that's not nearly enough.  


2+ stars+

Read on July 13th, 2003  
    A well-told tale, but I don't really know what it accomplished.

The attack at the beginning is never explained -who were the attackers, and why was he attacked? Did they come from Lord Gar-Oth's fleet of invaders? So why was Yoshi in that area, anyway?

As only a newly knighted Jedi could, he takes a righteous stance against the oppressors, first destroying a battle droid, then going to face the Lord, without even taking stock of the situation- he doesn't know the background behind the invasion, nor does he take the time to do any research. Nobody even told him that this was an invasion. He reminds me of a young Kyp Durron.

Of course, he's right, which he finds out when he meets with Princess Lourdes. She is beautiful, and very beautifully drawn. She is much sexier than the witches of Infinity's End, which were obviously supposed to be vixens. This one is real beauty.

Yoshi crashes her engagement party, where she is supposed to marry Lord Gar-Oth, a large reptilian creature, who looks somewhat like a Hutt. I don't know why he does all of this unarmed. He tries to use some Jedi mind tricks to defeat Gar-Oth, but is unsuccessful, only angering the creature more.

Gar-Oth unleashes a super battle droid, Goliath, which Yoshi manages to defeat pretty quickly, using a hot-wire on the droid to fix his lightsaber. Shouldn't he have done that earlier, before he even went in search of Gar-Oth?

Regardless, the best part comes when the Princess chooses to kill Gar-Oth, sliding the dagger into his gut when he thinks he is choking her to death.

I don't know why the "foreseen" person had to be a woman. It would have been nice to get some explanation as to the reasoning. Is this a maternal planet? It seems that the only reason the book can give is because it makes Yoshi feel uncomfortable, like a bad joke. Still, he gets a passionate kiss on the cheek, and promises in his heart that he will return, for they seem to have fallen in love! I don't know when that happened.

Just why was this story called Starcrash? Sure, Yoshi crashed, but what kind of star was he supposed to be?

The artwork was quite simple, yet effective. We got beautiful rendering of the characters and some buildings that might have been in the foreground, and were not overburdened with moody atmosphere. It reminded me of Vader's Quest. The colors made it easy to distinguish between different parts of the scenes -I especially liked the purples and greens. It is not something that I would like to see all the time, but after the dark and moody Infinity's End, it's a nice break.

The main character kept jumping into situations, some of which were more and more absurd. At one point, I thought I was watching Guybrush Threepwood from the Monkey Island games, especially with the confused looks he gives!

Still, it was a step up from the previous story, nicely lighthearted, and I enjoyed the departure from Quinlan Voss, a character that I don't really like at this point.


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