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A graphic novel by Jim Woodring and Art Wetherell (1998, Dark Horse Comics)
Soon after Star Wars: A New Hope

Jabba makes some deals, killing those he deals with, so that he gets their riches.



3 stars

Read on October 23rd, 1998  
    This ties in with the Tales from Jabba's Palace, taking place before that book.  It was fun to read, and to see Jabba get his revenge on various people.  This is really how I would expect him to deal with those who were trying to kill him.  Thus the conclusion that he would have been dead by the time Luke showed up anyway is false.  I've always maintained that he wouldn't have survived so long otherwise. 

 The art was good, though not as complex as with other graphic novels I've read.  The goo on Jabba's face, or from the blood from a squished opponent was drawn in detail, but it wasn't really gross, either.

  The first of four stories deals with someone who has promised Jabba a poisonous scorpion of some sort.  The man, unfortunately, tries to double-cross Jabba, who lets the scorpion out of its cage, so that it can stab his opponent.  Jabba has told the man he has planted a bomb in the palace, but the man does not believe him.  He has hired the top bomb expert in the galaxy, who was not able to detect it.  It turns out that this bomb-detector was the bomb, because Jabba's opponent had massacred his planet years ago.  The man kills Jabba's opponent, and Jabba takes over control of his palace.

  Jabba then boards his space yacht, and meets up with a Nuffin ship, which tricks them into boarding it.  There a trap has been set up, and the giant queen, ten times bigger than Jabba, is aboard.  She wants Jabba's wealth, but he refuses.  She sends him to a cell, but after eating Jabba's second in command, she wants to eat Jabba, too.  But Jabba had planted a bomb in his second's head, and after sparring a bit with the queen, he sets it off, and takes her wealth, also.

  Jabba then heads for a former associate's place.  But when he is told to murder a rival of the man's, Jabba refuses, thinking the man has gone insane.  The son agrees, and has Jabba kill his father.  But the son is much to impetuous for Jabba, who refuses to cooperate with this new tyrant he has put on the throne.  Jabba ends up in jail again.  But the daughter convinces Jabba to kill her brother, but sends him to jail for the crime in an attempt to make herself look like a just ruler.  Jabba then tricks her into coming too close, and eats her.  Free at last, Jabba kills the man he was asked to kill at the beginning, wishing he had done that earlier, to avoid this mess.

  Back home on Tatooine, Jabba's henchmen turn against him.  But all does not go as planned.  A visiting smuggler is framed and imprisoned, but he releases deadly freckers into the palace.  Bib Fortuna, with a blaster meant to incapacitate Jabba, instead ends up protecting the Hutt, who rewards him for being so loyal. 

  I guess Return of the Jedi is coming up soon after this, otherwise Jabba would have to foil many more traps by Bib Fortuna.  These were simple stories, but enough to show how ruthless Jabba is.  I especially liked the part where he throws the Nuffin guards out the airlock, because he likes to see them pop!


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