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A fictional guide to becoming a Jedi, through the various training stages.
By Daniel Wallace (2010, Chronicle Books)
Read August 27th to October 25th, 2012

Creating a book that had been passed down from Jedi to Jedi over the years was a pretty cool idea. The book was "annotated" by the various Jedi, including Yoda, Dooku, Anakin, Sidious and Luke. Unfortunately, there were a few blatant errors, where Anakin's comments were attributed to Ahsoka, that should have been easily caught. The material was a little dry, and as expected, took itself way too seriously (you have to be in the mood for that). The Jedi are truly arrogant here, and I agree with many of Sidious' comments! Still, I recognized many of the teachings from the various novels I've read over the years, which indicated careful attention to detail (regarding content, at least). A few issues, like the Agricultural corps (to which Obi-Wan was assigned when he failed to become a Padawan in The Rising Force, were somewhat clarified, though I still wonder about the wisdom of sending half-trained Jedi out into the galaxy. Another good clarification was the Lost Twenty, which apparently only refers to Masters who left the order, not Knights or Padawans. An interesting read, and the comments were the best part; unfortunately, there could have easily been more of them.


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