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A graphic novel by Ryder Windham and Ian Gibson (1997, Dark Horse Comics)
Book 2 of the Droids adventures
5 years before Star Wars: A New Hope

The droids are recruited to bring Olag Greck to justice, but are inadvertently involved in a plot to put bombs inside droids to control the galaxy.



3 stars

Read October 27th to 28th, 1997  
    Very good, entertaining, and fun!  The droids acted as themselves throughout most of it!  This was one storyline, instead of many, like the previous volume. 

The story picks up immediately after The Kalarba Adventures end.  The droids and the sheriff droid from Kalarba have tracked Greck's ship to Nar Shadda.  Both Greck's and the droids ships are fired upon, and both crash spectacularly into a spaceport.  The sheriff droid is damaged, and the security droid for the spaceport is also heavily damaged. 

C3PO and R2D2 catch up with Greck in the streets of Nar Shadda, and try to arrest him.  He resists, but is finally squished unconscious when the sheriff appears and frightens a very heavy alien, who rolls over onto Greck.  So ends their duties for Kalarba. 

The sheriff is destroyed immediately, however, when Greck's companion from "old times", Captain Forno, appears, and shoots him.  He also shoots C3PO's leg off. 

R2 fixes it with a handy replacement, but the droids are tricked into getting onto a barge full of other droids at the same time as Greck escapes his cell.  R2 discovers that they are being loaded onto a suicide barge, and escapes.  He steals a skiff and chases the barge still holding 3PO. 

Meanwhile, C3PO gets into a fight with another, much larger droid.  Forno and the security droid catch up to R2, and go off to "rescue" 3PO, after the security droid stuns Forno.

They arrive on the barge just in time to see 3PO inciting a droid rebellion.  Something has taken over his programming, and caused him to unite the droids.  They land the barge near the palace of Boonda the Hutt, who 3PO says has been cannibalizing droid parts.  They disembark on a landing field full of scrap droid parts!

They infiltrate the palace at the same time as Greck is trying to convince Boonda to hire him.  But the security droid hatches his daring plan to take control of the galaxy.  He has installed explosives in all the droids who came on that barge, and plans to distribute them everywhere. 

But the security droid has made a mistake in allying itself with R2D2.  R2 takes over his ship, and knocks the droid off balance.  The ship crashes into Boonda's palace.  Forno then appears on a swoop, and destroys the droid. 

R2 replaces 3PO's booby-trapped leg with a new one, and 3PO wakes up from his rebellious programming.  They make their way back to Nar Shadda, and offer their services to a group of Ithorians.  I have a feeling that their next adventure is just about to begin!

While not as good as the previous stories, there were many complications involved.  I think that's always good in a story.  Lots of it took rereading to make sense of it, though, and that's not very good. 

When C3PO got a new leg colour, I thought that would be the reason for his leg change in the movies, until I realized that the leg changed colour after Star Wars, only. 

There is actually not much more to say about these adventures.  They were fun, but for half of it, 3PO wasn't acting under his own programming.  That sort of takes some of the fun out of it.


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