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A graphic short story by John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, and Vickie Williams (1999, Dark Horse Comics)
Bundled with Enemy of the Empire
1 year before Star Wars: A New Hope

Boba Fett comes across a deadly cargo floating in space.



3 stars

Read on August 24th, 2000 for the second time  

Salvage had slightly better artwork than Enemy of the Empire, since it was created by other artists. The story was one that I really enjoyed, though. Boba Fett gets to battle an enemy any way that he can. The flies are so numerous, and so dangerous, that nobody can say he was being inhumane!

We got to see most of Fett's armament in this story, from his missiles to, especially, his flame thrower. I loved his wonder at what would happen to his ship, only to discover his prisoner having a snack!

Still, his treatment of the other prisoner, whom he allowed to die, was quite barbaric.

The narrative in this story, as with Enemy of the Empire, got in the way too often, describing things that Fett could have been thinking, but giving us too much exposition, at the same time. I think if the plot is so complex, it might be time to rethink it.

I still enjoyed the story, since it allowed Fett to show off, something he doesn't always get to do.



4 stars

Read on June 4th, 2000  

In the short story called "Salvage", Fett comes upon a derelict ship, where the casket of a man with a jewelled crown lies.  The crew was killed by insects that burrow into the skin.  They take out one of Fett's prisoners, and threaten to eat through the Mandalorian armor.  The derelict is destroyed in Fett's attempt to incinerate the flies, but Fett escapes.  He worries, though, because some of the flies entered his ship.  Fortunately, his other prisoner is native to the flies' planet, and is found munching happily on the surprise feast. 

Again, the art is very well done, and the story is kind of fun.  We get to see Fett as a caretaker of prisoners, and how he uses them when he suits his needs.  Great fun.


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