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By TV Guide Magazine (1996, TV Guide)

Describes Star Trek culture, the people behind Trek, Trek polls, and a brief episode guide for the Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager up to 1996.



Read in 1996  

This was fun to read, although I disagree with some of the topics they chose to write about.  There is a timeline of major events as Star Trek rocketed to stardom, and brief descriptions of whom they term to be the 100 most influential people in the Trek universe.  There is a neat section which describes briefly the evolution of an episode, and a guide to clothing and technology which has made its way into our future. 

The best and worst parts are in the polls and the Trek trends.  Best, because I love to be reminded that whatever I see on Trek is bound to have happened at least once before, be it disguising as a Romulan, lost loves, or lost starships.  Worst, because the space given to each was not large enough.  The polls were neat, though some of them were nonsense, as were many responses.

There is a large section with brief synopses of all the Star Trek episodes produced up until then, which goes up to the end of Voyager's second season, and DS9's 4th.  They labeled their favourites with little comm-badges, and I disagreed with nearly every single one.  There were also many that they hated which I loved.  I guess that's why, in a season of 26 episodes, every one is going to be a hit with at least somebody. 


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