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A novel by Dafydd Ab Hugh (1996, Distican)
Book 4 of Star Trek: Invasion!

Janeway and crew stumble across the Furies' invasion force assembling in the Delta Quadrant.  Torres and Picard's missing crewman attempt to disable the space-folding device that would allow the invasion to take place.



0 stars

Read January 15th to 22nd, 1997  

Horrid writing!  There were incomprehensible plot conveniences, and I could even hear some of the characters in my mind -but they were written as they are acted on Voyager: somewhat good, often bad.  It was worse than watching a bad Voyager episode.  I couldn't wait to finish it.  Unfortunate, since the series had a lot of momentum up to that point.  One of the worst parts was the way in which Torres attempts to disable the device.  Everything is described as "just 8 more centimeters..." or some exact measurement.  Reading fiction shouldn't be reading a technical journal.  There was about as much technobabble as in a normal Voyager episode.


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