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The ratings on this site are not directly proportional to the stars given. I prefer to distinguish between differing degrees of goodness, rather than having a bunch of failure levels. In that spirit, there are only two real grades for failures, and a whole range of passing marks.
This is a special rating reserved only for books and movies that touch me so deeply that I must own them so that I can watch or read them over and over again. If a movie, I'll buy the DVD. If it is a book, I'll try to find a hardcover version for my collection. The fifth star is really a bonus.  Sometimes a movie will get this rating on an initial viewing, because it just blows me away. After I've seen it again, the rating may get lowered.
This was a book or movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is one that I have no trouble recommending to a friend. It may have had some faults, but they are easily ignored. If it is a book, I may flip through it again someday. If it is a movie, I wouldn't mind seeing it again on video.


Typically something that I was not ready to give four stars, but came close. It could be a four-star that began or ended badly, but didn't deserve a drop of an entire star.
This is an entertaining book or movie, but one which I will probably not sit down for again. Usually a good cheap-night movie or bargain book. It could be something that had too many faults to ignore, even though parts may have been superb. Most movies fit into this category, and if the video store is empty, I will consider watching this one again.


The halfway mark in the star-system, this would be something that deserved two stars, but rose above that at times, or a three-star that had many low points.
Decent, but missing some elements to make it truly enjoyable. Typically confusing, predictable, or disappointing, but often containing just enough energy despite its faults. A good example is mindless, but fun, bang-'em-up action movie.  Not a failure, by any means, and a good way to spend some time.


Just barely a pass!  There were things that I liked, though most of it was a write-off.
A failure, to various degrees, but I can see how some people might like it.  The range is huge, from something that didn't suit my tastes, to something pretty bad, dull, or just meaningless. Typically I was restless through some or most of it.

Abysmal! This is something that I had no interest in, that I was constantly on the verge of ending it soon and quickly (which I almost never do anyway). A huge disappointment. I would warn people against these books or movies.

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