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Directed by Steven Spielberg (1997, Universal Pictures)
Starring Jeff Goldblum, and Richard Attenborough

Experts and hunters look towards a second Jurassic island for vastly different reasons.



zero stars

January 9th, 2012, on TV for the second time  

The Jurassic Park trilogy was on TV recently, so I decided that I wanted to see this again, and see if it was as bad as I thought the first time I saw it. It certainly was. After the first few minutes on the island, I was laughing at the stupidity of the people, the writing, and the story. So many stupid things needed to happen for this movie to take place the way it did, that some really bad luck must have been chasing these people. And so much of it was inconsistent with the first movie, such as the T-Rex unable to catch a slow-movie crowd (where it could almost catch the jeep in the the other park), and the raptors were much less ferocious here, in order for some people to survive. I used this movie as a chance to laugh, instead of true entertainment. I'm really sorry it was this bad.



zero stars

1997 in the Theatre  

The questions I asked in my review of Jurassic Park would have been fine if at least some of them had been answered in the sequel, The Lost World.  Since I have no intention of every sitting through that disaster again, I'll mention what I remember of it here. 

I saw the movie in the theatre, for which I now call it Lost Money.  There was one good scene in the whole movie, that is the raptor tails in the grass as they chase their prey.  That was just beautiful, as was the variety of dinosaurs.  They went all out with the effects.  It's too bad the story was so wasted. 

There were so many bad moments that I wanted to leave the theatre very early on, which has never happened to me before.  The T-rex could not outrun a crowd of people, when in the first movie it almost overtook a jeep.  And bringing it to LA was just a bad idea, from the characters and from the writers.  Bad, bad, bad, all around.

The original Jurassic Park, however, was really good.  Even with the unanswered questions, and some poor acting and dialogue, it manages to shine.  They should have kept it as a single movie.


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