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Directed by James Cameron (1997, Paramount Pictures)
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Billy Zane

Love develops between a lower class boy and an upper class woman as the unsinkable passenger liner sails the Atlantic, only to hit an iceberg and sink.



5 stars

July 17th, 2013, for the 6th time


This movie is truly timeless. The love story was beautiful, even if some of the actors' lines seemed to be a little stilted. It developed naturally, and it was obvious that nobody of today's age would want to be put in Rose's position, living a very boring life and expected to do "woman-things" like talk and talk and be subject to her husband. The sinking of the ship was awesome, in every way. In terms of actors, I think Mr. Andrews was probably my favorite, realistic and honestly apologetic when the ship started to sink. It's no wonder that this movie is considered a classic already.



5 stars

June 18th, 2006, for the 5th time


The DVD special edition of this movie seems somehow clearer and more vibrant. I suppose that's the difference between video and DVD, and finally having the movie in widescreen.

As the diamond hunter says to Rose's granddaughter at the end of the movie, it is the story of the people on the ocean liner that makes it interesting. Throughout the first half, we see how they live. The upper class passengers waste their time with boring gossip, while the lower-class passengers, as usual, know how to have a good time. In those days, it is no wonder that Rose wanted to get away. Jack is her savior.

Although the dialog, especially before Rose and Jack get to know each other well, is quite stilted and often embarrassing, it gets much better from the moment Jack enters the dining room. I liked the way that we could always see Jack thinking, watching people, from the dinner to several moments while the ship was sinking.

The sketching scene was indeed very erotic, more so than the scene where they actually made love. I loved the way the crew of the research vessel was left staring with blank expressions on their faces when Rose finished describing the scene!

The sinking of the Titanic takes place nearly in real-time. Andrews says that it will be an hour or so, and it does take that long. In order to get through it without getting bored, several things take place that force Jack and Rose below decks time and again. They run through white corridors over and over, but it never gets repetitive, as they are always up against something different. From the way the computer animation showed us how the ship sank at the beginning of the movie, we were ready when the "real thing" occurred. But it was just as exciting, because we didn't know how Jack and Rose were going to get through each phase.

I never realized before how much of a group cast photo existed (minus the stuck-up characters) at the end, when Rose is welcomed back into to the great stairwell and into Jack's arms. It is a nice way of doing that, without resorting to the forced look of the original ending for Return of the Jedi.

Finally, the music has always touched me very deeply. I love the soundtrack where the ship leaves dock and the adventure begins. It is so fully vibrant. Then, of course, there is the love theme, which I truly enjoy, both when Celine Dion sings it, and especially when it pops up as a thematic element here and there. The music helps to make this a great movie.



5 stars

October 16th, 1999 on Video, for the 4th time


This movie was even better this time.  I guess it could be the big screen TV.  The acting was sub-par, I have to admit, but the story and the effects are just dazzling.  Winslet was over-wrought through the whole thing, and DiCaprio was childish, but the engineer was sincere, as were the captain and his crew, except near the end.  But I guess panic will do that. 

The sights while dining, running through corridors, and while the ship was sinking were all beautiful and full of detail.  The music was both haunting and touching, all at the right times.  This time I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.



4 stars

September 12th, 1998 on Video for the 3rd time

    DiCaprio's performance goes down a grade every time I see this movie.  But it's still terrifically produced, with great effects.  Still an epic.  

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