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Directed by John McTiernan (1999, MGM)
Starring Pierce Brosnan, and Rene Russo

An insurance investigator knows that a wealthy businessman stole a museum painting, but has no proof.



2 stars

August 31st, 1999 in the Theatre


Well, that was fun.  Intrigue, suspense, and how-did-he-do-that wonder.  A lot of people compared this one to Entrapment, and said it was a lot better.  I disagree on both counts.  Sure, the theft of a painting and the insurance investigator theme are the same, but Entrapment was action, for the most part.  This was most definitely not action, but intrigue.  And it was fun. 

I've never seen the original of this remake, so I can't make that comparison, and wouldn't want to, anyway.  What I do know is that there is chemistry between the two lead characters, and they pull off their betrayals pretty well.  I thought Brosnan's character was better than Russo's.  I found her too arrogant in her expressions early on, and then she falls apart way too easily later on.  I thought she would go for subtle revenge rather than what she did.  I know her character was supposed to be arrogant, but I don't like the way it was acted, almost tongue-in-cheek.  She seemed to figure things out way too quickly, without much logical thought.  I guess they just had to get the plot moving.

The sex scene was fun, too.  The stairs, the desk, then off the desk.  They weren't as erotic as I'd been led to believe by reading some reviews, though. 

Finally, I love the way Brosnan's character swindled the museum both in removing and in restoring the painting.  Especially in restoring it. 

The movie was quite good, but I liked Entrapment better.  This one was a little slow for me in a lot of spots.


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