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Directed by John Madden (1998, Buena Vista)
Starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck, and Joseph Fiennes

Shakespeare finds his muse in a woman sold into marriage, as they act out Romeo and Juliet on stage.



5 stars

July 1st, 2012 on DVD, for the 5th time



5 stars

February 14th, 2007 on DVD, for the 4th time



4 stars

December 18th, 2004 on DVD, for the 3rd time

    Just as good as I remembered it being, this movie is a lot of fun to watch. The best moments are the romantic ones between Shakespeare and Viola, of course. But it was also very light-hearted. The owner of The Rose theatre was hilarious, especially in his "it will work out... it always does. I don't know how.. it's a mystery"! In fact, all of the supporting characters had amazing input into the movie. Judi Dench was terrific as the Queen, very serious and condescending to everyone. I loved her parting shot at Shakespeare: "Next time, come as yourself", indicating that she knew he was dressed up as a nurse to Viola! There were a lot of comedic lines, from so many of the characters, event he serious ones, that it was such a joy.

The best part about this movie, and the reason I think it won the Best Picture award, was the romance between the two lead characters. It was portrayed at pure love, with passion, lust and even respect thrown in together. Finally, there is sacrifice, as they try to be apart, but fail miserably, and everybody knows that the people who belong together cannot, by the rules of the time, end up together.

This is a movie that I will enjoy watching over again, as it has a bit of everything, and it is so much fun... and romantic.



4 stars

June 28th, 1999 in the Theatre, for the 2nd time

    I liked this movie as much the second time around. The bet was against a play giving a true romance, and this movie portrayed it perfectly. The chemistry between the characters/ actors was stunning, and I felt for them with all the emotion they wanted me to feel.  


5 stars

February 6th, 1999 in the Theatre

    This is again a case of a movie being extremely well directed and acted. The music was charming, and the story was engaging. Who cares if this is only a fictional account. It left us feeling wonderful, happy, sad and altogether satisfied, even though the characters are not. I loved the creating of a play, the inspiration, and the flash of insight that came when Shakespeare realizes how Romeo and Juliet must end.  

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