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Directed by Wes Craven (2000, Alliance Atlantis)
Starring David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and Patrick Dempsey

Sidney comes out of hiding and faces her mother's murderer after some of her friends, as well as the cast of the third movie about her life, start getting murdered.



2 stars

March 4th, 2000 in the Theatre  

I don't remember much about the first two Scream movies, but I do remember that they were much lighter in tone than this one.  I also think the first one was better than the second.  But the first and the second movies were better than this one. 

The third installment is a slasher movie, instead of a parody, though the video store clerk makes a video comeback (he died in the second movie) to describe trilogies for the cast.  In the third installment of a trilogy, anything goes.  Even the main characters can die.  And some of them do.

But most of the people who die in this film are actors playing the main characters in the movie.  So their deaths don't mean much, if anything, because we don't know them.  But it is enough to draw Sidney out of hiding, especially after the murderer calls her hidden home. 

She doesn't do much of anything for the first half of the movie.  In fact, nobody really does anything (except die) until Sidney comes to town. 

The movie is successful at drawing our attention to various people, whom we think may be the killer.  There are lots of dubious moments, when we think the main characters shouldn't trust a certain person.  The direction in the misdirection is well done. 

And I don't think the murderer is as haphazardly chosen as is implied in the reviews of this movie.  We are told in a heavy exposition scene that trilogies rewrite the backstory, from a small amount to a large rewrite.  So it is no surprise that Sidney has an until-now-unknown brother. 

The sets are nice and creepy, too.  The set of Sidney's original town is eerie, especially to her, when she gets chased around a makeup of her own house, and her own room.  And the producer's house, in which we find secret passages galore, as well as costumes that could hide the killer easily -and are used to that effect, is a lot of fun. 

But the movie, although fun, is not a great movie, even for a thriller.  But it gave startling chills, and the music was frightening, and that's what these shows are all about.


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