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Directed by Brian Helgelard (1999, Paramount Pictures)
Starring Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry, Maria Bello, and Lucy Liu

A thief goes through every member of "the outfit" to get the money he was cheated out of.



0 stars

January 15th, 2000 on Video

    There were actually some genuinely funny and neat moments in this movie, but they were few and far between.  The story was quite disjointed, and, as every member in the Outfit kept saying, he was crazy to go through all this trouble for a measly $70000.

It starts off a few days later, though, after he's been shot.  He gets the bullets taken out, then goes home to his wife, who overdoses on drugs. 

Then he flashes back to a robbery that he had made with her, and with a colleague of his.  After that successful robbery, the two of them cheated Porter out of his half of the money. 

So Porter finds the drug dealer who sold to his wife, goes to his colleague, who of course doesn't have that kind of money handy.  He ends up killing the guy after what seems like endless runarounds.  Then he goes through one of the two men who run the Outfit, and kidnaps the Outfit's leader's son. 

He eventually gets his money, and more, and ends up killing just about every member of the Outfit.  That way, they can't track him down. 

The movie seemed to know that it wasn't very good.  There were numerous cheap shots, and the quip above about the price not being worth it. 

The two crooked cops were pretty much worthless, but it was fun to see them get taken in by Porter's antics, and then arrested themselves.  Lucy Liu played masochistic woman, who was really turned on by the beating Porter gave his colleague.  Okay.  Probably could have used a sex scene to liven things up.

Actually, the biggest problem I had with the movie was that it was so dull!  Boring for most of the scenes.  Most of the other scenes were supposed to be shocking, I think.  Porter slices a dealer's nostril, then another guy's ear.  Shoots his colleague in cold blood, first in the kneecap, then in the face. 

His girl was fun to watch.  She was a prostitute who he used to drive around.  So she works one final night in order to kidnap the son of the Outfit's leader. 

I don't know where the show was supposed to take place, or when, but it seemed out of place in the 1990s, anyway.  It was way too dark for me, and I didn't get enough out of the character to begin to root for him, even though I knew I was supposed to.  Ah, well.


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