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Directed by Emile Ardolino (1993, Electra Entertainment)
Starring Kevin Kline, Macauley Culkin, and Jessica Lynn Cohen

A girl receives a nutcracker soldier for Christmas, and dreams of a magical land where she attends a musical banquet with her Nutcracker Prince.



2 stars

December 30th, 1999 on TV


I was never a big fan of ballet, an opinion that I strengthened this fall when I attended one live.  The Nutcracker ballet that I saw a few years ago was quite dull, and I didn't like the interpretation. 

This one was pretty good, by those standards.  The beginning was engaging, and actually told a well laid out story.  It is unusual for a movie to go without dialog except for a very brief narration in a couple of spots, and this one managed very well. 

The girl playing the main character, Marie, was very pretty.  I'm surprised she hasn't been in anything since then. 

The story, of course, follows Tchaikovsky's music.  The opening scene is nicely played, where the family receives guests, the kids play, then get presents, and then the Nutcracker is given out by the eccentric uncle.  It is longer than usual, I think, which is a good thing. 

Soon everyone is gone, and Marie is dreaming of the Nutcracker, who is posed as her godfather's nephew.  They watch the snowflakes dance, then attend a banquet, where they watch dances by "hot chocolate, coffee, candy canes," and many others. 

I enjoyed the beginning scenes, as well as a couple of banquet scenes, and the grand finale, the best.  There were quite a few moments where I felt it was as dull as I remember the ballet being, but they seemed to be dispersed among the more interesting moments.


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