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Directed by Brian Levant (1996, 20th Century Fox)
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, and Jake Lloyd

A father roams all over town to find the Toy Of The Year at the last minute.



2 stars

December 5th, 1999 on TV  

This movie was entertaining.  No doubt about that.  It was played for all the gimmicks it could find.  It was just way too over-the-top for me.  The world was divided up into the good people, the bad people, and the fake people.  The neighbour was one of those fake ones.

The son wants the Turbo Man action figure, and of course, the father forgot to buy one, and now it's Christmas Eve.  Son and mom are going to the parade, and dad promises he'll meet them there.  He never keeps his promises. 

Dad has to travel from store to store, getting laughed at as he asks about the action figure.  He meets Sinbad, a half-disgruntled postal employee, who is also trying to find the doll.  They end up at all the same stores, competing most of the time, occasionally reluctantly cooperating.  They fight over a new shipment of the dolls at one store, which is quite comical. 

And Dad keeps getting in the way of a certain police officer, which is a running gag throughout the movie.  A funny scene also occurs when the father is nearly busted for trying to buy an illegal import of the doll, which speaks Russian, or something like that!

Which all leads to the parade.  Dad decides to keep a promise, even if he doesn't have a doll for his son.  Through various circumstances, dad ends up becoming Turbo Man in the parade!  This leads to some very funny moments, and a lot of bad special effects, but a touching, if predictable, ending. 

It was quite fun, though, in a mindless sort of way.  Quite fun.


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