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Directed by Danny Cannon (1998, Columbia Pictures)
Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Jeffrey Combs

A group of teens is terrorized while on vacation in the Bahamas.



1 star

May 30th, 2001 on TV  

A typical teen thriller, with gorgeous people, lots of illogical plotting, screaming, and a murderer who doesn't even chase his intended victim until the end.  Strangely enough, the acting was pretty strong.

What can I say.  If you want to be scared -sorry, wrong word.  I mean, if you want to be startled, then watch this movie.  There were no scary moments, but there was lots of unsettling music just before things might happen, so that when they actually did, I wasn't sure if I should laugh or jump.  Sometimes there was a reason, other times there was nothing wrong.  

Julie and Ross survived the last movie with this title.  Julie has moved way out of town, while Ross stayed in their small fishing village.  As soon as we saw the boy who tries to befriend Julie, we laughed and said this must be the killer.  Not because he had anything spooky or suspicious about him, but because he looks like the typical nice guy, and he was Julie's friend.  Ah, well.  Too bad we turned out to be right.  If he was a friend of a friend, how would she know him with his assumed name, instead of the one he used before he met Julie?  Don't even try to think about it.

The four teens, two guys and two girls, win a bogus trip to the Bahamas, where the island is only accessible by sea, and they are the only four tourists on the island.  There are others, as well, who are picked off one by one by the unseen killer.  I can't understand this, either.  Why not just kill Julie and her friends (but even her friends had nothing to do with what happened that summer)? By the end, nearly everyone on the island, staff included, was dead.  

Ross is attacked on the way to joining Julie, so doesn't get to take that extra seat on the plane.  But he arrives just in time (with a gun -didn't he take a plane to Bermuda?) to stop the killer from taking Julie's life.  

Questions abound, from why didn't they turn off Julie's tanning machine before trying to get her out, to why they decided to run when four of them were holding knives against one guy with a fish hook.

The best character had to be Jeffrey Combs' hotel manager.  He was pure Weyoun from Deep Space Nine.  I would say that he had a lot of Brunt in him, too.  But the actor was truly superb.  Too bad we didn't get to see his actual death.  Hewitt was also quite good on the acting front.  Given some good material, I think she could be a show stopper (of course, she's a show stopper now, but not normally because of her acting...). 

There were plenty enough false leads to keep us guessing and second guessing ourselves, so I was impressed by that part.  But this is not a great movie.  A complete no-brainer that has startling music and two beautiful leading ladies who parade around in low-cut tops.  Maybe the producers think that's enough.  It would have been nice if there had been a story for them to support.  

And just remember, the old man said that the killer had a son and a daughter, so there could be a third installment.  I don't remember much from the first movie, but I know it was better than this.  This was fun to laugh at, and to guess who was next on the killer's list, but not for much more than that.


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