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Directed by Jon Amiel (1999, 20th Century Fox)
Starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones

A pair of thieves team up and try to outsmart each other in two big robberies.

View Count: Twice



3 stars

February 7th, 2003 on TV

    A lot of neat stuff happened throughout the movie, combined with the way we see doubts among the loyalties of the two main characters. Those are its greatest strengths. Of course, seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones sinuously moving across the floor avoiding laser alarms helped it a lot, as well.

The theft of the painting was her, of course. It had to be. I had to laugh at her reaction when he showed how he obtained it, from the mail-room in the building! The mask was also fun to see stolen, because they had so much preparation for it.

Unfortunately, that happened before the climax of the film. I first figured out that he was under some sort of supervision only when he was confronted by his "colleague" in Malaysia. Instead of blackmail, which he claimed, it really was entrapment after all!

I liked how they managed to get inside the bank building in Malaysia, but once they obtained the transfer, it was less interesting. Was there no air duct for plan B in the building where they made their theft?

The shift of loyalties at the end also didn't make sense. I didn't buy the corrupt FBI agent, even for millions of dollars in circuit board prototypes. Could they not trace her accounts, to see that she actually transferred 8 billion dollars, not seven? The FBI agent also ordered his men back on the platform, though nobody appears. Did Mac buy his own freedom as well as hers? I didn't like they way they forced the ending that way.

Still, for a movie about high-tech thieves, it was a lot of fun, and that is exactly what this type of movie is about.



3 stars

June 3rd, 1999 in the Theatre

    I loved the feel of this movie, with its high-tech gadgetry and hidden secrets.  I didn't know who was actually telling the truth, or who was on what side of the law.  But the ending was a mess.  Double-crosses are one thing, but this made a mish-mash of a good story.  But, both Zeta-Jones and Connery are great at what they do, and are beautiful anyway.  

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