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Directed by Bryan Gordon (1991, Universal Pictures)
Starring Frank Whaley, and Jennifer Connelly

A lazy guy and a beautiful rich girl get locked in a discount store for the night, and get to know each other.



1 star

February 13th, 2000 on TV  

This was not really all that bad, it just didn't do anything for me.  Being a John Hughes film, I knew it was going to be a Home Alone type, but teen-oriented.  The characters were one-dimensional, and the dialogue was not rich, but it did feel real.

Jim is a guy who can't hold a job.  So his father gives him one more chance before booting him out of the house, and gets him a job as a night janitor at a discount store.  The daughter of the richest man in town is contemplating shoplifting at that store, but she chickens out and falls asleep in the change room while trying to make a decision.  He gets lazy again, and bored, because he's a people person, and he runs around the store dressing up in all the clothes, male and female, and roller skating in his boxers and T-shirt.  She sees him when she wakes up, and they have dinner, taking from the store's supplies.  They dance, kiss, and it's implied that they make love in a tent display.  But we're never certain. 

She feels trapped by her father, who makes all the decisions for her, and won't let her do anything.  She can't understand why he doesn't want to leave home.  She feels that he's giving up his freedom.  They agree that they can't escape, because they are afraid of being alone.

Finally, thieves break into the store, and, well, they don't really do anything.  But they are foiled, then get the upper hand, then they're foiled again.  Finally, the guy and girl take off in the thieves' car and head for L.A.

There were a bunch of funny scenes, but there is no way I would call this movie a comedy.  It was just fluff, pure teen fluff.  Better to miss it, though Connelly gives it her best as she leaned way over in several scenes while wearing a tank top.


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