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Directed by Sharon Maguire (2001, Universal Pictures)
Starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant

A woman approaching a mid-life crisis tries to find a man who suits her needs.



4 stars

February 29th, 2008 on TV, for the second time  
    I didn't enjoy this movie nearly as much as previously. I thought it was rather boring, and quite long in many spots. Still, it did have many funny spots, and the clash of personalities made it somewhat enjoyable.  


4 stars

May 8th, 2001 in the Theatre  
    A wonderful display of affection, self-doubt, lying, cheating, and just plain sticking one's foot into one's mouth for nearly every minute the main character was in mixed company. Combine this with terrific music, and this is a great film.

I laughed at the opening scene, when Bridget explains to the audience about her mother. I laughed again when she began to drink and babble. I continued laughing when she was singing "All by myself" to herself and watching pathetic TV and music videos. And I pretty much laughed through the rest of this film, from beginning to end. 

Renee Zellweger did a fantastic job of bringing Bridget Jones to life. And at the risk of sounding like every other reviewer I've read about this movie, she looked really good. Sure, I could have done without the close-up looks at the fat cells on her legs and behind, but her face and arms looked really good with the added weight. I cannot comment on her enlarged chest, because she showed so much skin that it didn't make a difference!  Maybe she should have kept the weight on.

The way she flirts with her boss (Daniel Cleaver) over the instant email (much faster than mine has ever been), especially about her skirt (which is NOT on vacation), and then later over the old-lady-like underwear was great. I was surprised that he actually hung around after that, even going to the extent to bring her to a romantic getaway. So it wasn't much of a shock to see that he went home early to get in bed with another woman (to whom he was engaged already). 

Bridget keeps meeting up with Mr. Mark Darcy, a man with whom her mother wanted to set her up with. He shows up in all the unwanted places, complete with annoying girlfriend, whose company he doesn't seem to enjoy. This really shines through when they are paddling boats on the lake at the romantic getaway. Darcy looks longingly over to where the other giddy couple are splashing away ("I'm king of the world" says Cleaver, in a very funny imitation of Titanic).

Bridget's three friends are terrifically British as well, as they try to console her over her losses. Their comments and attitudes were so perfect that I was constantly laughing at them, as well.

The climax of the film really comes about at Bridget's birthday. After she found her boss with the other woman, she quit, and found an embarrassing job at a TV news studio (remember sliding down the fire pole?). Darcy becomes her big break, as he is defending a key witness in a court case that she nearly missed covering. 

So he helps her make dinner for her three friends (he's too late to do anything about the blue soup, though), and things seem to be heading to romance, when Cleaver shows up again, begging forgiveness. He and Darcy get into a big fight, which was one of the funniest moments of the movie, crashing into a full restaurant, and back out through the window. We were never sure it was over until Darcy walked away. And that was the last we ever saw of Bridget's old boss.

Bridget was miserable, especially when she attends a party and learns that Darcy is engaged and moving to New York. She speaks her mind, gets totally embarrassed, and is pleasantly surprised when Darcy ends up on her doorstep days later, telling her that he stayed because of her. 

It is a new beginning, and it is wonderful.

Renee Zellweger was terrific in this role, which seemed to be written for her. Whether she's wearing a bunny suit, consoling her father over her mother's affair with a man from the shopping network, or sulking by herself and trying to get off cigarettes and alcohol, she was just great.

I truly enjoyed this movie. I would see it again in a while. It was so funny, all throughout. Even the jealousy, self-pity and fight scenes were very funny. To top it off the music was also great. All around, a very fun movie.

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