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Directed by Mike Nichols (1996, MGM)
Starring Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, Nathan Lane, and Callista Flockhart

A gay couple play straight for one man's son, who wants to introduce them to his fiancÚ and her conservative parents.



2 stars

October 17th, 1999 on TV  
    I wanted to see this movie out of curiosity.  Everybody says it is the best movie at portraying a gay couple.  While this is true compared to all the other movies I've seen, I have to say that I haven't seen too many movies about gay people.  I thought "In and Out" was hilarious.  Funnier than this, anyway. 

The main characters, a gay couple (men) whose son isn't gay, are quite convincing.  Williams' character was great, and Lane's was good, too, though way too feminine-like and whiny to be enjoyed too much.  The scenes where he plays the mother were funny, but not hilarious. 

The son is getting married to the daughter of a very conservative senator, and they want the parents to meet before the wedding.  They hurt Lane's character's feelings when they want him out of the building for a night, and that's when he becomes the most annoying whiner. 

But the movie was fairly enjoyable nonetheless.  It was obviously trying to be perfectly stereotypically gay, and making fun of itself at the same time.  That worked, but left me without any real feelings about the movie afterward.


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