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Directed by James B. Rogers (2001, Universal Pictures)
Starring Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein, and Alyson Hannigan

The guys rent a summer beach house to recapture their sexuality after the first year of college.

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2+ stars+

March 14th, 2004 on TV  
    I actually liked this movie better the second time; I can't believe it. I guess I just wasn't expecting too much, and so it seemed better.

Most of what I said below, upon my first time seeing the movie, is still right on, except that I found a lot of the pieces to be rather funny. The movie was really about the four guys wishing they were back in the past. Jim is the funniest, being the main character, and because he is so desperate for sexual fulfillment. He never goes halfway, always giving 100% of his effort, and it always backfires.

Being the intended mate for Jim, Michelle is just as funny, but in a different way. Stiffler is the only other funny person, as he is oblivious to everything except the sex count. He was mostly there to laugh at everybody else, because he is the only guy there who is not self-conscious. I can't believe he gets any girls whatsoever!

Still, the isolated situations that we got to see were funny enough, and there was one meaningful relationship grown out of the whole thing. So it was worth seeing again, and I think I'll watch the third instalment when it comes to TV.



2 stars

August 21st, 2001 in the Theatre  
    While trying to recapture their lost youth, the adventure that follows these teens through the summer after their first year of college seems quite tame. The movie wanders as aimlessly as its characters, but it was funny enough to be worthwhile. At least the characters learned something this time.

The first American Pie was rather groundbreaking, as it introduced us to Jim and his friends, who had a mission as they played out the last days of high school. They all went about trying to lose their virginity in different ways. And at Stiffler's party after the prom, they all did it, though one guy didn't admit to it, and it was him who actually learned something, and got a stable relationship out of the whole deal. It reminded me of Grease in that way, with a nineties twist to it. Unfortunately, the lovey-dovey stuff takes away from the comedy of the rest of the movie; though I suppose the incredulous reaction of his friends is supposed to be the funny part.

This movie is much more sentimental. Everybody is obsessed with their past; none of them can think beyond their conquests of that night at Stiffler's. The stable relationship is still going strong, even though Mena Suvari's character Heather is off to Europe for the summer. She is completely wasted here, as is her boyfriend. They try to have phone sex, but it is constantly interrupted. I think they actually managed to do it, but it wasn't shown, which could have been really sexy. 

Because this movie, while billed as a sexy comedy, barely reaches into that category. There was a bit of nudity (even in the previews), and lots of girls in small bikinis, but very little that was actually sexual. Except for the scene where the guys try to entice two girls who pretended to be lesbians, just so they could get the guys to do some gay acts themselves, the entire movie was basically "where are the girls?", and "boy, when we get some girls over here, we'll have a good time". For a sexy comedy, it wasn't very sexy. 

And for a movie aimed at young males, the girls were not very pretty. The cutest one was the girl with whom Jim has "friendly goodbye sex" at the very beginning. That is also the funniest scene, when his father bursts in on them totally naked. But Mena Suvari looked possessed, the character of Vicky wore makeup that made her look like a corpse, or at least like she was in mourning, and Michelle, while cute, had that quirky face on that made us laugh every time she spoke. Actually, Vicky's friend was pretty cute. I don't see what any of the guys saw in the "lesbians"; I guess Stiffler was so desperate by the end of the movie that he actually saw them as pretty. 

As for the guys, Jim was borderline, I guess, and Kevin looked the best. The others were either really strange looking or acted so weird, or both. In any case, I can't see how the girls would be attracted to them in the first place. 

The guy who slept with Stiffler's mom spends the whole summer at the cottage by the lake practicing some Hindu art that supposedly lets him hold an orgasm for days at a time, and he pines for the woman of his dreams, who finally shows up at the end of the film. Kevin pines away after Vicky all summer, and gets really upset when she shows up to the party at the end with another guy. But he accepts it, and they remain friends... 

Jim is the one real main character. He spends the summer preparing for the return of his foreign exchange student, Nadia, the one who he idolized in the last movie, and who made a fool out of him through the internet cam. He doesn't do much practicing, as far as I can see. None of the guys did. For all their boisterous flaunting, I don't think any of them got the sex they so desired until the very last night! Jim tries to use the Hindu techniques, but ends up breaking a lamp. Gluing it, he places the glue next to the special lubricant that Stiffler gave him. Then he proceeds to watch a porn video, and we can see what's going to happen next. He ends up on the roof with police, ambulances, and all the neighbors outside, his hand stuck well inside his pants. Surprisingly, it only takes two weeks to heal.

For enlightenment, Jim turns to the only person he's really had sex with, Michelle, who disappeared right afterwards at the end of the last movie. She tells him that he was terrible, but plans to educate him, so that he could perform up to expectations when Nadia arrives. In some pretty funny scenes, she teaches him how to kiss, how to rub her breasts (the bored look she gives him when he tries it at first is terrific), how to unhook a bra with one hand, and so on. She even pretends to be his girlfriend as he heals, so that he can't be pressured to have sex with Nadia before his parts are ready. Then she breaks up with him right in front of the girl, so that he can go to her in "rebound". 

Michelle was really cute, in all of her scenes. We finally get to see Band Camp, where she learned all of her sexual moves. Jim gets cornered into pretending he's a mentally challenged guy, Petey, who plays the trombone. He puts on a pretty funny show, there. And when the camp instructor ends up playing the trombone that Michelle put up his butt, he slinks off into the night... Of course, we see way ahead of time what must eventually happen. Jim and Michelle have gotten so close, in his instruction, that they fall in love. Jim leaves Nadia, right before they are about to have sex, and goes to Band Camp and interrupts Michelle's solo. That scene was surprisingly touching. 

And so it goes. The guys find meaning. Kevin finds friendship instead of a lover, Jim gets a girlfriend, Heather and her boyfriend were already going steady, reunite at the end, and remain steady, Stiffler gets to bed two women at a time (the two "lesbians"), and Stiffler's mom arrives just as they are about to leave. Aw, a happy ending...

There were a lot of funny isolated moments, but nothing that kept up a sustained laugh, though the "lesbian" scene, and the glued private parts tried really hard. There were gratuitous scenes that if strung together might be sexy, such as the strip poker and so on, but they too were isolated so much from each other that they seemed there simply for showing off. They certainly didn't add anything to the story. And a lot of characters were wasted, or just wandered, much like the movie itself. Jim's dad was probably the funniest character, but even he turned sentimental by the end, and became less funny. There was a joke that was a mixed déja vu from the last film, in that Stiffler, after getting showered by champagne by a horny girl, gets peed on from the balcony.  It was very funny, and much funnier than him drinking the semen-beer in the last film.

After the success of this sequel, which is definitely not as good and not as funny or sexy, there will probably be a third instalment. But what more can they do? Now two people have steady girlfriends, so the antics will be limited to the other three guys. Stiffler cannot hold up the comedy end by himself, Kevin was just whiny, and the other guy was fairly annoying while pining away for Stiffler's mom. Without Jim to go through silly and embarrassing sexual situations, what's left? This one was worth seeing, barely, because it made enough jokes to laugh at. But as a comedy, it just wasn't all that interesting.

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