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Directed by Paul Weitz (1999, Universal Pictures)
Starring Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klien, and Mena Suvari

Four guys vow to lose their virginity before high school ends, and each finds a different sexual meaning.

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3 stars

August 3rd, 2003 on TV  
    I think that no matter how you look at this movie, it must have some humorous value to it. These boys are desperate; they don't want to look like losers in college, where they think women throw their sexuality around everywhere (not to these types, I'm sure).

I don't know what I missed out on in high school, but I never knew of any parties like the ones at Stiffler's house! Still, it is the opportune time for these four to feel like losers. I loved the way the college girl laughed when Oz tried to "seduce" her. And so they make their pact, vowing to lose their virginity by school's end.

The four guys definitely go about it in different ways. Obviously, I think Oz did it the best, being sensitive to Heather, and just wanting to spend time with her. He must have been cute to her, since he was still conceited, calling himself "an awesome lacrosse player", and so on.

Kevin, with his girlfriend troubles, was more annoying, as couples tend to be in high school. He is the closest to having sex before the pact, though he slips farther and farther away as the movie progresses.

Finch is the loser among the losers (reading the business section before class?). Yet he hatches the best plan, starting rumors around school that he is great in bed, and that he is manly in the shower. Unfortunately for him, he didn't count on jealousy, and took his game too far, pretending that he beat up Stiffler. The "bathroom incident" was really quite funny.

The best parts of the movie, however, go to the main character, Jim. He plays so well off of the others, but is best when he is by himself -or even better, when he is with his father. I loved the father figure. Once he found his son masturbating into a tube sock, then making love to an apple pie (they actually showed this on TV!), he tried to be supportive, as he did in the next movie, as well. His analysis of the womanly parts was hilarious ("it looks like some underwater plant"). "Never with baked goods" -ha!

Jim also gets in on the only nudity in the movie (also shown on TV), with Nadia. While having his dance and Nadia broadcast over the internet was funny, what actually happened in the room was funniest. It was the longest sequence in the movie, and it was integral, showing that even with a naked woman in his room, Jim had trouble having sex. She left disappointed!

And yet, all four of these guys do actually lose their virginity on the same night, after the prom. At Stiffler's cottage, Oz is sensitive enough that he and Heather actually make love. Kevin and Vikki do it as an end to their relationship, though they don't know it at the time. Finch finds Stiffler's mom so attractive and drunk that he will not likely go for a woman his age ever again. And Jim finds out that there is more to "band camp" than he ever thought! It's amazing that Michelle returns for the second instalment, and apparently even ends up in the most stable relationship in the third one.

All of the jokes are sexual, and going into the movie with that in mind, just about all of them are funny, or gross, or both. This is not a movie for those with a weak stomach, but it is definitely worth seeing. On the second try, the movie was just as good (and bad) as I remembered.



3 stars

July 27th, 1999 in the Theatre  
    This movie was full of hilarious sexual jokes, describing teenagers perfectly, as they go about trying to learn their sexual identity.  One guy learns that he is really compassionate, another that sex is more than just the physical act, another seduces an older woman, and the fourth, who is the most sexually inhibited of them all, gets used for sexual purposes by the girl -and is okay with that!  All the humour was visual, and guys were not morons.  They tried to have sex, and they went their own ways about it.  Very little stupid, except the stupidity of youth.  No moron gets the girl type scenario, which was a welcome break for this type of comedy.  All in all, we laughed the whole way through.  The guy in the seat next to us (a teen) couldn't stay in his seat.  

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