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Directed by Brian Henson (1992, Walt Disney Pictures)
Starring Michael Caine, Dave Goelz, Frank Oz, and Steve Whitmire

The story of Scrooge, who gets visited by three Christmas ghosts who show him the true meaning of the season.

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3 stars+

December 24th, 1999 on Video


I like this version of the movie.  It is pretty faithful to the story, and features some brilliant moments of comedy, both in the main characters, as well as with the backgrounds, which are mainly made up of Muppets.  Every head of lettuce gets to sing or smirk, every lamb or penguin gets to dance or bow its head shyly. 

Gonzo (playing Dickens) and Rizzo the Rat (only there for the food) are great.  They get to be part of the story, while remaining unseen by the characters that matter, but (as with Rizzo and the cat in the Past) they also get to interact with the scenery.  Beautiful!

But I thought the ghosts were a little less convincing.  Perhaps they should have been Muppets that we knew, but I think that might have reduced their effectiveness even further.  The ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come was the least convincing, as he looked like a man in a too-large suit. 

I also thought Scrooge came over to the Christmas spirit a little too quickly.  He had no sympathy for his past self, which I thought should have been there.  Of course, this version is for the kids, so it can't be too scary or depressing.  But I thought a little more of a hint of the old scrooge should have been present until he sees Tiny Tim. 

Speaking of Bob Cratchit's family, they were the best.  The two girls (pigs, of course), followed their mom's attitude perfectly, while also smothering their mom like Miss Piggy has always done.  The boys (frogs) were angels, without a mean bone in their bodies. 

But it was still really fun.  This is one of my favourite versions of A Christmas Carol.


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