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Directed by (1973, Walt Disney Pictures)
Starring the voice talents of Brian Bedford, Peter Ustinov, Phil Harris, and Monica Evans

A young fox steals from the Prince to give to the poor, and longs for the love of a young maiden.

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4 stars

March 8th, 2003 on Video  
    I've always loved this version of Robin Hood. The characters are so well fleshed out, and everybody is so funny. There is a stretch near the middle that doesn't have many laughs, but it is meant to be very somber, as we must feel the plight of the devastated characters. But the archery contest and sneaking into Prince John's bedroom to steal his gold were great. The robbery by the "fortune tellers" that opened the film was the single best moment in the movie.

However much I liked the various characters, I think Sir Hiss the snake was my favorite. He looked so jolly, especially in his cute hat, and I loved his mini-helicopter in a balloon! In fact, though, all of the characters were amazingly portrayed. The Disney animators did a terrific job at the secondary characters. The kids, like the rabbit and turtle, had so much charm, especially in their talk and mock sword-fight with Maid Marian and Lady Cluck. Prince John is appropriately evil, even getting to twirl his mustaches! P.J., indeed!

The animation is not as good as earlier or later films, a case in point being Disney's first movie, Snow White. However, I noticed the multi-plane camera moves that provide depth to scenes, making them very much three-dimensional. I recognized some of the voices from other Disney movies, as well, with the most prominent one being the mouse priest, with Piglet's voice.

The songs are fun folk tunes, set for the time period. It's appropriate that the Sheriff and Sir Hiss end up singing one of the rebel's tunes, as they are quite catchy.

This is a terrific animated movie -in terms of story, it's one that we're are intimately familiar with, but it works because of the Disney touch. The characters are what drives the story, from intelligent and stupid bad guys to cunning good guys. This is a lot of fun, and definitely worth watching.


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