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A group of cats gather to elect a new honorary leader, and celebrate the essence of being a cat.



4 stars

August 21st, 2010

    I don't remember much of this show from when I was a pre-teen, the first time I saw it. But I do remember various cats crawling around on the stage and on walls, and stuff. Unfortunately, this new viewing as an adult left me mostly bored.

Part of this was that I was watching it from the balcony, and the sound wasn't all that great. During the naming of the cats, I could barely hear the actors. I've seen other shows from the same balcony, and never had trouble hearing anything.

Even songs that should have been powerful, like the two renditions of Memories, the most famous of the songs in this show, were left flat, to my tastes. But the show got a standing ovation at the end, so maybe I missed something.

The only thing that piqued my interest in terms of songs was the few fast-paced tunes. I tapped my knees during a few of them, and that made up somewhat for the very boring slow songs. Maybe it would have been different had the cats been moving a bit during the slow songs. But most of them just stood on the stage, singing like a cat on a fence, I suppose. As much as I wanted to like this story, I just couldn't get into it.

The set and costumes, on the other hand, were really brilliant. I liked the giant aspect of the set design, as seen from cat-perspective. There was a giant tire, with a license plate ending in NAP. Scattered papers littered the floor, and cans and bottles and various other things. The cats themselves, even the ones who looked like street rats, were beautiful. Unfortunately, being on the balcony left them too far to see too many details, and I forgot the binoculars. I could see enough, though, that it was apparent these cats were beautiful, each in their own way.

It would have been nice to know a bit of the story beforehand, and I suppose it's my own fault for not reading up on it. Normally the program would have had a little summary, even up to five lines per half of the show. Although the costumes were really nice, they can't make up for the lackluster songs.


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