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If I have piqued interest in some of these books, they can be bought on-line at Amazon


Star Wars  
The official site is always a good place to start!
Star Wars books are available from Ballantine Books (The New Jedi Order), Scholastic (for young reader books like the Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest), and Dark Horse comics.  Of these, the first two are not very interesting, but I like the Dark Horse web site for its timeline and information about upcoming titles.  

The other Star Wars news site is TheForce.net, which also has reviews of all the books, and an exhaustive timeline.

Star Trek  

TrekToday gives all the Star Trek news you want, and is updated every day.

I have two other favorite Star Trek reviewers: Jammer's Star Trek Hypertext includes all Trek shows.


After going to a movie, I check out information about actors, directors, and other tidbits about the movie at the IMDB!  After an IMAX film, I go to the Big Movie Zone to get even more details!   
Catch in-depth details about this weekend's top moneymakers at Box Office Mojo, and daily DVD news and future releases at TheDigitalBits.  
The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones includes biographies of some of the historical characters met by Young Indy in the TV series, but has not been updated in recent years. 

The One Ring.net, however, is updated many times a day.  Follow rumor and fact regarding the Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies at this site. There is a lot of cast information here.

Space station, space shuttle, historical information, Mars colonization, and more! It's quite easy to find information about everything space at the official NASA site.

Bad Astronomy is a great site for general knowledge and the debunking of astronomy myths. Phil Plait's movie reviews highlight the good and bad astronomy inherent in Hollywood scripts.  
Family and Friends  
My father is following the genealogy of the Dunn family.  Goes back quite a ways...  
Robert is one of my great buddies.  This is his Family Web Page.  He has dedicated his personal web site to Babylon 5.  

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