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A novel by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee (1994, Bantam)
Book 4 of The Rama Saga

As war rages between the humans and the nearly extinct avians and technologically superior octospiders, Nicole and her extended family are forced to move.



1 star

Read January 2nd to 10th, 1999  
    The less then acceptable conclusion to the sequel trilogy.  I liked the  parts where the characters interacted with aliens, but much less the human-human interactions.  It was nice to get closure with Nicole, and it is nice to get a lot of ambiguity about the Rama spacecraft, but I think too much was explained in the end.  Showing when the first guiding node appeared just seconds into the universe's origin is a little much.  In all, the sequel trilogy was good, though slow.  Hard to recommend to a friend.  

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