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A novel by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (1986, TSR Fantasy)
Book 3 of the Dragonlance Legends

Raistlin challenges the Queen, while Caramon and Tasslehoff are flung into the future, where they discover that Raistlin has succeeded, and destroyed the world.



4 stars

Read July 10th to 16th, 1998 for the second time  
    Though I still have a couple of concerns, my question about the portal was answered (it is self-preserving), and the book was quite a lot of fun.  I would definitely read this trilogy again.  It provided more closure for the characters than the first trilogy did.  Lots of fun, and the emotional crunch that I was waiting for still hit me!  


4 stars

Also read August 3rd to 5th, 1988  

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