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A short story collection by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (1994, TSR Fantasy)

An introduction to the adventures of the children of Caramon and Tika, Tanis, Kitiria, and possibly Raistlin.



4 stars

Read July 26th to August 1st, 1998  
    Great setup to what I think will be a great conclusion to the chronicles.  The scheming and plotting are killing me!  I want to know what's happening!  I had read the story of Palin's journey to meet his uncle before, as well as his and his brothers' adventures with the dwarf to find the jewel, and Raislin's child.  But the new ones with Tanis' son, and the Knights of Takhisis, were great.  An honourable set of evil knights could prove to be a great foe.  We'll have to see how the world ends up after the final book.  

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